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09/11/2013 6:32 PM

09/11/2013 6:33 PM

Aging drivers should be given fair chance

I have about nine years of driving instruction experience. I was intrigued so much by the letter “Senior driver sees unfairness” (Sept. 2) that I called phone information to track him down.

On the phone, he seemed lucid and coherent for 95. From what I could gather in talking to him, he did nothing wrong on the driving test. The law on driving near a school is that you must be at 25 mph or less if children are near the street such as on the sidewalk or inside a less than 6-foot-tall fence. He also seemed to have done the freeway entrance correctly.

I’m sure that it’s a matter of judgment on the tester’s part, but I agree with the letter writer that there should be recourse with another DMV employee. His ticketless driving record speaks for itself.

He said he will not retest. It is sad that his independence is hampered by not having a driving license. This could happen to any of us as we age.



Senior in need of reality check

I found the letter from the 95-year-old driver who felt he was treated unfairly by the DMV amusing, if not downright funny. Sounds like this man is an aggressive driver who thinks he has the right of way when entering a freeway and has no regard for school zones where children can dart out from anywhere. After all, he has had only a few fender benders and once his car needed to be towed. Ha ha.

I, too, am a senior who has driven for 50 years and I have never had an incident of any sort. I think the DMV was more than generous in giving him the right to drive under any circumstance. Hope I don’t meet this guy on my way to the grocery store. My old, deceased father had a saying that “There is no fool, like an old fool.” I think he needs a reality check.



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