Don’t repeat Rwanda error

09/09/2013 7:37 PM

09/09/2013 7:39 PM

The impending decision to intervene in Syria after 400-plus children were gassed weighs heavily on my mind.

In 1994 the president of the U.S. decided not to intervene in a growing Rwandan human massacre. The decision was not taken to Congress or the American people. President Clinton later apologized in Rwanda for his inaction.

My mind flashes back to a visit my wife and I made to the Holocaust Museum in Washington eight years ago. After walking through room after room of pictures of entire families and villages exterminated by the Nazis I remember thinking “This is an aberration – it could never happen again.”

I then rounded the corner and was shocked to see a sign that said “So you think this could never happen again?” Right after that sign were numerous facts and pictures detailing the Rwandan massacre. That was a life-changing experience for me.

If those 400-plus Syrian children were our children, would this be a hard decision? Because those children lived in another country does that make them less precious than our own children? My moral compass tugs very hard on my heart. I definitely do not want to repeat the Rwandan mistake, even though I, too, am tired of war.

At least this time the president brought the decision to the people.



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