U.S. troops are weary

09/07/2013 12:00 AM

09/07/2013 9:36 PM

If President Obama and others are concerned that the president of Syria is killing his own innocent people, why wasn’t something done before now? Whether he is killing citizens like a fish in a barrel with bullets, bombs or chemicals, what difference does it make? Something should have been done, long before now.

The Obama administration is trying to give us the impression that he is being strong on foreign policy. The United States should do nothing alone, except help the citizens of Syria by sending weapons to help them defend themselves.

Our country is war weary, our troops are tired. If one missile is fired, it will not be the end to this conflict; it will only escalate into other front lines in Syria and Israel, if they are attacked.

Let’s remember Russia and China have not been engaged in any fighting. Their military is not tired, their weapons surplus has not been used up.

The United Nations as a whole should be the ones to do something about what is happening in Syria, not the United States. We have our own problems in this country.



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