10th Street opening a waste

09/04/2013 6:46 PM

09/04/2013 6:47 PM

I had an appointment downtown and saw that 10th Street had been opened. What a waste of our taxpayer dollars.

Stephanie Burnside and Dave Cogdill Jr., thank you for your strength, but we lost the insane idea to open up this street.

Was it the intention of the City Council to direct traffic into the parking lot when you need to make a right? Was it your intention to make the city of Modesto pay for your thoughts that did not coincide with the majority of citizens of this city?

How does the opening of 10th Street enhance any of the businesses on 10th Street? Fuzio’s and the other two businesses need to come to grips with who they are and what they provide. If the rents aren’t lowered and the issues aren’t addressed, why would I start a business? The city doesn’t want new business, only the status quo.

I am upset at where our city is going, but we elected them. So disgusting.

Patricia C. Brazelton


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