Letters to the Editor

August 31, 2013

Tenth Street opening not progress

Whenever I want to see a movie that's playing in the multiplexes, I always go downtown rather than to McHenry because I prefer the ambiance downtown and I loved that there was no traffic on 10th in front of the theatre.

Going to see “Elysium,” I was chagrined to discover that is changing. As I understand it, the road is being opened against the public’s wishes but at the behest of a couple business owners who think it will bring them more business.

Not mine, it won't. I will make it a point of principle to not patronize any business that advocated for this change.

Once again our conservative city government sides with business against the public, and in so doing, ruins one of the nicest features of downtown. Well done, civic “leaders,” for yet again, moving us backward rather than forward.



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