Letters to the Editor

August 31, 2013

City’s quick response on park concerns

On Aug. 17, my neighbor Flo and I took our grandkids to Pike's Park to play, but the toddler swing was missing, there were red ants in the sand, and the equipment was so sticky from tree sap the kids wouldn't touch it.

On Aug. 18, I emailed Julie Hannon, director of parks and recreation for the city, telling her of the situation, along with some suggestions. Julie responded by thanking me for the info and that she would look into it. By Aug. 23, the tree was trimmed and the ants were gone; a swing appeared on the 27th. Flo took some Pine-sol to the sticky slide and now the playground is back to being a fun destination.

Thank you, Julie and your crew, Steve Lumpkin, Kelly Gallagher, and Todd Rocha, for your quick response and for partnering with the neighbor, especially these two grandmas.



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