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Americans should stay home

Who decided that the United States would be the world’s fire department? If we intervene every time there is trouble in one of the world’s 196 countries, we will be constantly at war. It’s time for us to start minding our own business.

Do we really know exactly who used gas in Syria? Frankly, our government has lost all credibility with many Americans. War may be good for certain businesses but let’s now allow money to override morality. My personal foreign policy is mind your own business. Sorry, Cheney, McCain and the military/industrial complex.

Ed Brault


Senior driver sees unfairness

I read with great interest “More older drivers, fewer teens behind the wheel in California” (Aug. 26, Page A-1). I am a 95-year-old male with a driver’s license good until April 15, 2015, but with driving privileges curtailed after a successful written test but two very much contrived driving tests.

I was charged with not reducing speed in a school zone even though the notice added, “when children are present,” and when driving up the ramp to enter the freeway and I raised my hand to thank the trucker for moving over a lane, which they will invariably do, it appeared on the test as, “forcing a truck to move over to avoid a serious accident.” These observations are shared, not with some impartial person, but are taken at face value in the DMV considerations.

I am now not able to drive to and from my part time job (four miles) or to the supermarket. If I have to go to Modesto, a workmate will take me for $50. My wife and I can use the proceeds from the part time job as Social Security is all we otherwise have.

I have never had a speeding ticket and have been “on the road” about half my life. My mishaps have mostly been fender benders and I think I only once had to have my car towed from an accident. I think it is very unfair to be judged on my age and not on my health and record.



Obama not presidential material

I am almost speechless after reading “Hate filled words for Obama shocking” (Aug. 20, Letters). That people dislike Obama because he is black is just plain wrong. I am old enough to have been around when people posted signs saying, “No dogs or Mexicans allowed.”

I know hate. With the president, I feel that his drawback is just competence. Did people hate George Bush because he was white? No, this is just a Democrat and Republican thing. The president is a fair golfer and a good father; he is not president material.



Being black gave Obama a pass

Regarding “Hate filled words for Obama are shocking”: The writer ends her letter, “Is it because he’s black? Really?”

Please get a new excuse, black has been worn out!

Here are some of his debacles: “Fast and Furious” fiasco, Benghazi, IRS, NSA, and his ongoing expensive vacations. As far as color, being black has give him a free pass, everyone is afraid to criticize him!



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