Prediction: Tax hike won’t end

08/28/2013 5:58 PM

08/28/2013 5:59 PM

Once upon a time, the village of Modesto became a small city. Its leaders knew they needed to hire staff, firemen and policemen. They hired them at a fair wage and provided them benefits that reflected those of the common man.

Over the decades these employees joined unions that asked for more and more in wages and benefits. Today, many of them earn in excess of $100,000 and are able to retire at the ripe old age of 50. This costs the city a lot more money than they had, so they laid off some of their employees. This made the unions mad and the citizens got upset because they were paying a lot of money and weren’t getting expected services.

Our leaders hatched a perfect plan: Let’s increase our sales tax by 1 percent for a few years and we will be able to hire those employees back. Of course, we’ll give them the same pay and benefits as they had, and our citizens will be happy with the increased services.

Fellow citizens, I doubt our leaders have any intention of ending this tax. If they do, expect more layoffs and no money to pay benefits.



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