Republican, tea party opposition requires no facts

08/25/2013 8:22 PM

08/25/2013 8:24 PM

It must be really hard to be a Republican or a tea party member. Every morning when they get up, they face a big decision: What to be against today?

There are so many choices — affordable health care, same-sex marriage, contraception and birth control, gun control, the president's court appointments, climate change, Hillary Clinton, immigration reform, high-speed rail, government "tyranny," a woman's right to choose.

Fortunately, when a decision is made, there is no need to spend time looking for facts. Who needs facts when you can make something up? Some good examples "Same-sex marriage is harmful to children and society." (Oops, no scientific evidence for that.) "There's no such thing as climate change." (Uh, looks like the majority of scientists agree that climate change is real and threatens the planet.) "Abortion causes breast cancer!" (Huh?)

Actually, when a Republican or a tea partier is having difficulty trying to choose what to oppose, there is a simple solution: If President Obama is for it, then I'm against it. It seems to work for the Republicans in Congress.



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