Letters to the Editor

August 23, 2013

You can fight diabetes on a budget

My wife, who is 64, has had Type 2 diabetes for about five years. Health insurance has been unaffordable for her since the onset of her disease.

About three weeks ago she developed an ulcer under her left foot and a very aggressive bacterial infection led to the agonizing decision to have a below-the-knee amputation on July 4. She came home from the hospital dependent on insulin, probably for the rest of her life.

We had always presumed that insulin was just too expensive. We were wrong. At a local pharmacy, I discovered that the total cost for insulin and disposable syringes was about $60 per month. No prescription, just walk in and get it. At first I was elated. Then the reality set in. She could have been treating her diabetes with insulin as soon as her sugar numbers started getting out of control.

This letter is written so that other diabetics won't go without insulin when it is needed.



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