Letters to the Editor

August 23, 2013

Why does Bee ignore freeloaders?

Why the rehashed headlines Sunday? The only difference between your front-page article "Following GOP cash leads to questions" and an easily found blog from 2010 was it took your reporter 14 paragraphs to include the fact that Democrats also participate in this legal activity.

Then to also rehash the sheriff's helicopter story insured that my total reading time barely edged into three minutes. Good thing for the comics, sports and obits. Now it is Monday and you publish a "California discourages food stamp use" article that falls short in explaining how in this tough-on-the-poor state a 29-year-old La Jolla surfer named Jason Greenslate drives a new Cadillac SUV and yet qualifies for a $200 per month EBT credit card, which is funded every month.



Editor's Note: Sunday's Page 1 story focused on GOP fund-raising and money transfers in 2011 and 2012.

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