Letters to the Editor

August 21, 2013

Lesson from European immigrants

In response to the Aug. 9 letter "Denham appreciation": Why is it so hard for politicians to understand the definition of illegal? These guys think we have to support these illegal immigrants and learn their language.

I am bilingual, just not Spanish. I am the son of a legal immigrant who came to this country through Ellis Island. He did not demand that all government literature be printed in his native language. He learned English and got a job, no food stamps or Section 8 housing. He met my mother and had seven children, none of which has been on welfare or in jail. But then he was a hard-working European immigrant who became a citizen, did not rant and rave or wave the flag from his native country and demand all the things we have worked so hard for. He also left his mother, father and five siblings behind.

Let's vote in a politician who works for the legal immigrants of this country and send all the illegals back home. Then we would not have overcrowding in our jails.

How many descendants of European immigrants do you see in jail, on welfare or in the paper wanted for car theft or murder?



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