Letters to the Editor

August 20, 2013

City Council doesn't represent public

Good to see our City Council members pay as much attention to the public as the national leaders do.

When the first person gets hit walking out of Brenden Theatres it will be because of the City Council members' decision and they will shoulder the blame. Who exactly do they represent? I saw no public support for opening the street, but many letters and Facebook chatter about keeping it closed.

Adding more cars is their best idea for supporting businesses downtown? It's no wonder people stay away from the downtown area. Follow the lead of other progressive cities and shut the roads to traffic and add things like a farmers market on 10th Street instead of near the library. Don't bow down to commuters, who just travel through and don't stop to shop.

I guess spending $14,000 to "test the idea" makes sense when it's not your cash. How much more will it cost to shut it down in a year?



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