Letters to the Editor

August 20, 2013

City leaders taking too many risks

Our city leadership is telling us how broke we are, but they are spending money to open a street that does not guarantee success for anyone and will create more hazards for pedestrians and more exhaust fumes for diners at Fuzio and people waiting outside of the city/county building.

Leaving J Street to turn into the plaza, you are on a street that essentially goes nowhere but the side of the civic center. One must question the logic of this, especially in light of the proposed sales tax increase and claims we could lose police and fire protection and live with high-voltage lights that can kill.

They would like to offer $100,000 in incentives to lure businesses downtown, again with no assurance of success. Fix what is wrong downtown before you try to appease a few people who will not give you any guarantee that they will be successful. Councilmembers Cogdill and Burnside were the two logical votes against opening 10th Street; the rest of the council is groping at straws. Even the distribution of the proposed sales tax increase money is not an assurance that we will be financially strong or have solid security services.



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