Letters to the Editor

August 16, 2013

A plan to fix conflicts in Jerusalem

Mankind has spent millennia disputing the rights to Jerusalem at the cost of probably millions of lives. And to what end? The dispute is no further along than it has ever been.

Rather than continuing the same old dispute and continuing to expect a different outcome, why don't we suggest taking a really radical turn for resolution?

Since at least three of the major religions representing most of the world's population each claim to have a stake that makes them first among equals, why don't we just declare Jerusalem to be an international city? Let's take jurisdiction away from all countries and vest it with the United Nations and appoint a body to enforce strict rules of conduct and respect for human rights and other people's religious preferences. Maybe that group could be Buddhist or Shinto, or maybe we should put the atheists in charge. It does not matter as long as the parties responsible have no stake in the religious game and are only concerned with peace and tranquility.

Everyone would be able to benefit by having the option to visit in peace and safety without fear of harassment or worse. War over, argument done. Peace, everyone!



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