More reasons against land grab

08/04/2013 6:02 PM

08/04/2013 6:04 PM

I support the position of the writer of "Speak out over federal land grab" (July 31, Letters), albeit for different reasons.

First, the federal government should sell all the vacant land and vacant buildings it owns. Not only is it a waste having resources idle, but everybody knows private owners can make money while the government sits around sucking its thumb and pondering how to raise taxes. Owners will try to make money to pay property taxes and improve the economy while creating jobs. Sell to Americans only and use the proceeds to pay down directly what we owe China. That will also reduce future interest.

But my main reason is to refute the ignorance and arrogance of the Department of the Interior, past and present administrations, and all those who would chain themselves to trees or anything handy. These people would presume to do God's work better than God and at the expense of their fellow man.

Since the growth of the amoeba and the rise of fish out onto land, try to guess how many millions of species have come into existence and out of existence. Catch a few of these guys and send them to the zoo.



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