Science allows our spirits to soar

07/30/2013 8:28 PM

07/30/2013 8:29 PM

In the late 1930s a small biplane landed in a field across the fence from our field. The pilot said he needed a part. Someone quickly ran a couple of blocks to the nearest phone for help. He chatted with us while he waited.

When the plane took off again and became a small speck in the western sky, my 5-year-old mind wondered, "does the person in the plane get as small as the plane?" I learned many years later from my older sister that the pilot was Charles Lindbergh.

A recent Modesto Bee article on the idea of being able to fly at warp speed (faster than the speed of light) piqued my interest. My thought: We will reach that frontier!

Look how far technology has advanced in less than 100 years! If I live into my 90s I may see it happen. Perhaps my great- grandchildren will one day pilot such a spacecraft. Indeed, wonders never cease. Go for it, scientists! I'm cheering you on.



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