Letters to the Editor

July 27, 2013

What will black leaders do?

Ginger Rutland really hit the nail on the head with her timely and brutal comments in "Racial strike, divisions are nothing new" (July 24, Opinions). She is right — there would be far less color and class divide if the children spent more time studying algebra and English than playing with their Game Boys, computer games or posturing to be cool.

Perhaps communities would be better served if children were raised in families with two responsible role-model parents. Perhaps those who protest with moral outrage at what they feel is injustice should, as Rutland stated, look into their own communities for the real root causes of the problems.

The Rutland column is exceedingly thoughtful and too important to be relegated to the Opinions page. It should receive front page status in all McClatchy papers. The column addresses not only the result of the problem, it cuts to the chase and gets right to the root of the problem. The next question: Is the American black leadership willing to address the problems that they allow to fester, or are they going to simply allow the status quo to continue to protect political power?



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