Letters to the Editor

July 18, 2013

Handicap parking assumption irks

I was taking my mother shopping on McHenry Avenue the other day. I have cancer and have a handicap parking plate. Also, my mother is disabled. As soon as I pulled into the handicap slot, my oldest son got out to get a cart for my mother to hold on to. My mother and I were still in the car, just getting ready to get out. I was in the driver seat, my son got out of the right rear passenger seat.

A very nasty, rude woman honked her horn at us and held her handicap placard up, waving it at us. Her response indicated she wanted that parking spot. She parked a few spots away.

How dare she respond like that! I wanted to confront her but my son would not allow me to. I was wearing a scarf that shows I have no hair from chemo; my mother is obviously handicapped. The woman should have walked over to apologize. Instead, she avoided us.

To everyone who sees a person in a handicap parking slot and questions his or her disability, shame on you! Not every disability is visible.



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