Letters to the Editor

July 13, 2013

Supreme Court did its job with Prop. 8

Just about everyone I know was angered by the recent decision of the Supreme Court disallowing Proposition 8. Why bother to vote when the courts can void the outcome?

I direct readers to study the Marbury vs. Madison case from 1803. First, propositions are a way to make the voters do the job California's legislators were elected to do. Second, we do not have the right to vote away the rights of others or take away the voice of minorities.

The Supreme Court has a duty to decide the constitutionality of any law, initiative, statute, etc. Many laws passed by Congress have been declared unconstitutional. Unfortunately, propositions cannot easily be cleared for constitutionality before being placed on the ballot. I am glad the Supreme Court is there on occasion to protect the rights of minorities. I predict that most readers will not accept this explanation.



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