We only want our rights to be recognized

07/06/2013 8:11 PM

07/06/2013 8:25 PM

In regards to "Get back to the moral basics" (June 24, Letters): As a woman, "my rights" mean I can vote, work outside the home, control my own money, divorce if I choose, have control over my own body and a lot more.

Women weren't allowed to do these things years ago. And the African American community, I'm pretty sure, also likes "my rights."

I did not choose to be straight. I had no conscious thought about it; it is who I am. It is the same for gay people; it's who they are and not a choice. We are born the way we are. Watch "Anyone and Everyone" on public television; educate yourself. If we want a country to be proud of, we need equal rights for all people.

I am thrilled with the Supreme Court's decision. Once again do your research, stop living in fear and ignorance, set yourself free, live and let live.

One of our sons is gay and he is in the military serving his country. We are proud of him and we love him!



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