Letters to the Editor

July 6, 2013

And get rid of that rainbow flag, too

Again, the will of the majority matters not. Our inglorious elected and appointed officials have bowed to the wishes of a few.

OK, so same-sex marriage has now been authorized. The tool of the homosexual pride is not the desecration of the American flag.

Their flag has been replaced by stars and multicolored stripes. This rainbow rag was seen portrayed as the homosexual symbol of pride during newscasts. I find it appalling to see my American flag so desecrated by this ilk.

Then, to feed my ire, it was noted that KCRA Channel 3 was also portraying the same stars and rainbow stripes rag as the background during their news coverage.

Our Stars and Stripes flag has flown, been admired, been saluted, and respected during past wars and peace time. Many have died fighting for our flag and many have been laid in their final resting place draped with the American flag.

So do what you must in your own bedroom but not under the guise of your maliciously vile defamation of my American flag.



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