Letters to the Editor

July 4, 2013

Why is marijuana still illegal?

I respectfully disagree with the overall opinion of the writer of "Selling pot is still against law"(July 1, Letters), but would really like to know what "good reason" there is for marijuana to remain classified a schedule 1 illegal drug.

Schedule 1 drugs are deemed unsafe, having a high potential for abuse and having no medical value. While I agree the potential for abuse is accurate, perhaps some science- backed facts on the dangers of heavy use to the body would have helped your opinion. Or testimony from former patients who have discontinued use of cannabis due to the realization that their conditions weren't being benefited. And since I doubt that all those idiots rushing to work on my morning commute risking their lives as well as mine are stoned, I suggest adding caffeine to the schedule 1 drug list, since it's three for three on the requirements.



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