Letters to the Editor

June 28, 2013

CSU makes good teachers

The June 21 front page article "CSU gets low grades in review" was, at best, misleading. The article cites a study which implied that the California State University, Stanislaus, teacher training programs "failed to make the grade."

Nonsense! As a retired teacher with well over 20 years experience interviewing applicants for teaching positions from a variety of teacher training institutions, I can say without equivocation that teacher candidates from CSU, Stanislaus, were as thoroughly prepared, highly motivated and professionally ready as applicants from any other credential program.

Moreover, the subsequent on-the-job performance by CSU, Stanislaus, grads has reflected this professionalism.

While the article did eventually shed a critical light on the study's methodology, I fear that damage to a fine institution's solid credential program has been done. I trust, however, that the quality of CSU, Stanislaus, credential recipients will overshadow questionable studies and unfortunate newspaper articles which would suggest otherwise.



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