Immigration and education systems broken

06/15/2013 5:47 PM

06/15/2013 5:48 PM

Broken immigration or education system? Both have been broken for decades.

Since we cannot control the border, we switch gears. Some illegal immigrants are educated so now we need them. Never mind this country was built on mostly uneducated immigrants. Now we need foreign educated immigrants to fill many jobs, a blatant failure of our own education system.

Henceforth, screening of visa applications will give greater weight for greater education or skills. Then, unlike our historical approach to foreign student visa holders, we will not encourage them to return home to help their own countries.

I assume government and industry leaders know what education we lack. We just don't tell our teachers and students. We let them waste their time and money on liberal arts, then turn them loose to find nonexistent jobs.

Why aren't business and government working together to give scholarships and jobs to those with the potential in the areas we need? Why don't more companies admit they can easily train most new hires, on the job?

Students are building serious debt, can't find jobs, and when they do, it is clerical work with clerical pay. Nevertheless, the new American immigration system advises, get educated first.



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