'Who cares'? We all should care

05/15/2013 7:32 PM

05/15/2013 7:48 PM

If this don't beat all, the best answer to the Benghazi murders of four Americans is who cares! I can only think of how this must look to the mothers of the slain Americans.

Perhaps the story will at some point show that in fact the current administration was setting up an arms deal with the Syrian rebels using the arms from Gadhafi and the Assad people killed our guys, just a thought.

But no matter, the administration lied to us for weeks about some stupid video being the cause. Important people knew the next day it was a terrorist attack.

The president won't call the Texas Army base murders a terrorist attack; the administration allows the IRS to treat conservative groups with special attention, lies by saying no, then says yes we did.

The administration allows for the secret taking of AP's phone files. The list goes on.

Whatever happened to Truman's "the buck stop here"? Now we see a continued assault on gun owners' rights. Wouldn't want the opposition to have guns. The administration is buying up ammunition so the public can't. Wake up, America.



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