U.S. must stand tall for all

05/14/2013 7:40 PM

05/14/2013 7:42 PM

I just got the scares of my life. I read the article about our Air Force's top general and our secretary of defense. Scare one, Gen. Mark Walsh III describes a level of "rot" among the officers in his command. It seems his personnel are not committed to the seriousness of their responsibilities. Our arsenal must be state of the art and maintained in excellent condition.

Scare two, and even more serious, Chuck Hagel supports Obama's goal of zero nuclear weapons achieved via negotiation. This as China launches a nuclear aircraft carrier and we negotiate parity with Russia. Do you trust Russia?

Our status as the only superpower is eroding rapidly. If we cannot stand up to Syria, what demands can we make of China and Russia? Global peace requires these declarations at the U.N.: First, America is committed to having a stronger nuclear capability than all other nations combined. Second, if any nation strikes any other nation with a nuclear weapon, America will rain tenfold destruction on the aggressor. Third, the U.S. will determine the cruising area of any non-U.S. carrier and require pre-notification of any weapon launch.

Only America can be trusted with global peace.



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