Letters to the Editor

April 28, 2013

Theory on Boston attacks

All the information on what happened before, during, and after the Boston bombing may never be known or understood. The media is not giving us all the facts, and the alternative media is doing its best to report on information not found anywhere else. Infowars.com has pictures of that day and interviews with eyewitnesses and family members of the two suspects. There are also numerous reports of reporters being threatened by authorities when trying to get footage. Bills like CISPA, the market fairness act, and in California a gun confiscation bill — but they don't want your guns, right? After carefully analyzing all the data of this event three things are definitely true.

The Boston bombing was a false flag.

There is a rush to try and cover up what really happened.

There are politicians taking advantage of the distraction to take away more of our civil liberties.

Don't take my word on it; look at the evidence yourself.



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