Letters to the Editor

April 25, 2013

Why was Columbia president fired?

Seems daily, we see and hear things on TV and the news that we can't believe can really be happening. One such case is the turmoil at Columbia College against their president, Dennis Gervin. His peers like and respect him and are concerned. How can he be fired, and will they be next?

Gervin has had a long 18-year career working with the district that includes Modesto Junior College and Columbia. He is extremely bright, earned a doctorate and is very ambitious. In his years with the district, he has worked both campuses. He worked his way up to become Columbia College president. Never one to create problems, he has been there to solve them.

My husband and I have known Dennis, his wife and their family for many years. We consider it an honor to know them and consider them friends. He is a moral, decent person who has a heart and concern for others. He is the type of person that you, as parents, should want to be involved in the education of your young adults.

People, pay attention. Our youth are our future and they need and deserve only the best!


Mi Wuk Village

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