Letters to the Editor

April 25, 2013

Unable to vote on urban limits

I read with interest "A line in the soil" (April 21, Page A-1) about Modesto's battle over farmland and sprawl. I was, however, dismayed to read that this might lead to a citywide vote on urban limits. My address is Modesto, but I live outside the city limits, about one mile west of Vintage Faire Mall. My family has owned and successfully farmed this property for 113 years.

I wonder how many of those who do live within the city limits of Modesto realize that those of us who live outside the city Limits are not allowed to vote on what happens to our homes and land when the city wants to change those city limits? We who have a true vested interest in the future of these properties in question are denied the opportunity to vote on these issues. If I recall my history lessons, it seems to me that it was a similar situation that brought on the Revolutionary War.



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