What economic recovery?

04/04/2013 7:29 PM

04/04/2013 7:30 PM

I'm tired of the White House and president getting a pass on everything that happens in our economy. Just the other day, the president and his mouthpiece Jay Carney came out against the Republican budget, stating it would slow or even stop the economic recovery. Could someone please point out this recovery mirage?

How about Ben Bernanke and friends stop backstopping the economy by printing and infusing some $85 billion a month into the markets? Talk about a mirage. We, the people, have to live within our means. Should we not expect our elected government officials to make these same prudent decisions for our country? How about the president puts together a budget plan that will actually reduce our country's debt and balance the country's budget! Oh, yeah, passing a budget would make him responsible and accountable for something. Neither of these words appears in the Democratic dictionary.

On national TV, the president stated he was not looking to balance the budget. Not important, he said. Nor does the nation have a spending problem. How could someone at this level of power be so naive? Answer: He is unqualified.



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