Letters to the Editor

April 4, 2013

Modesto's eyesores keep jobs away

I hate to be negative on a beautiful spring day but, after driving around Modesto, I can't see too much to be proud about. From the eyesore that is Naraghi Lake to the garbage strewn around the streets all over town, we certainly won't attract many new job-creating businesses. Not to mention the graffiti and the broken-down fences everywhere you look. It's as though no one cares.

Thank God we do have Love Modesto a couple times a year to help, but it is not enough. We need a new sense of pride in our neighborhoods and more crackdowns on vandalism. I would move if I could, but blight and the recession have brought down all our property values. The only town I've seen in this valley that is worse is Delhi. Do we really have to look like the gangs have taken over, or can we say "enough" and make Modesto the pretty city I moved to in 1984? Here's hoping!



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