Fracking in earthquake zone?

03/31/2013 8:23 PM

03/31/2013 8:27 PM

After reading the offering of Kristin Olsen on fracking the Monterey Shale beds to retrieve scarce oil deposits, I wrote her a message that expressed the concerns of the writer of the March 26 commentary.

The information given in earlier Rand reports showed that the "gain" from the fracking process is negligible or nonexistent when compared with the cost of production and possible dangers that follow. Injecting any chemicals that would make the rock structures unstable enough to fracture in an area known for earthquakes seems, to me, the worst idea possible.

We are fighting to keep the water that we have for humans and fish, so why would we want to pump three gallons of water into a hole to push out one gallon of oil of questionable value?

We have vast oil fields being developed in North Dakota that do not pose the potential for earthquake problems and will produce far more oil at a fraction of the cost of this method being proposed by Olsen.

A few jobs that might arise from the fracking of the Monterey shale fields are not worth the potential dangers. Let's just leave the oil in the shale.



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