No evidence of Obama socialism

03/25/2013 7:34 PM

03/25/2013 7:34 PM

Recent financial reports reveal that many American corporations are enjoying record profits while some pay little or no taxes. The Dow Jones Industrial Average recently hit an all-time high, bringing huge profits to some investors. These bastions of American capitalism are enjoying record successes here in our country now — during the Obama administration.

But wait. It seems that at least once a week a letter appears in The Bee claiming that President Barack Obama is leading this great country down the road to socialism, a system that will destroy us. Socialism is, by definition, a system that takes the production and distribution of goods away from the private sector and assigns those tasks to society at large, i.e. government. If American capitalism is raking in record profits, where is socialism?

On his recent European tour, Secretary of State John Kerry spoke to a group of German students. Included in his remarks were these words, "In America, you have a right to be stupid, if you want to be." Those who claim Obama is leading this country down the road of socialism have a right to say that, because as Kerry said, they have a right to be stupid.



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