Use tax money more wisely in Turlock

03/19/2013 7:59 PM

03/19/2013 8:08 PM

The city of Turlock wants to add a tax to fix the streets. Currently we pay over 80 cents a gallon on gasoline in taxes that was to be used to fix our highways and streets. Where is this money going? There does not seem to be any accountability for the spending of our tax dollars. They let the streets deteriorate to a point of no return and now they want us to pay more taxes to fix a problem.

Recently we extended a one-time temporary tax to help the libraries; we voted a tax to get money back into the school system; the city of Atwater passed a tax for police and fire; Social Security, Medicare and income taxes went up this year. Looks like our elected officials want to solve problems by asking us to pay more taxes.

When will this stop? Is America asleep? Wake up and tell our officials, enough is enough and stop asking us for more money. We are drained. Spend our money more wisely on basic needs until the economy turns around, just like we are doing.



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