Wrong type of gun policy pushed

03/19/2013 7:52 PM

03/19/2013 7:53 PM

The mother of the multiple killer in Newtown should have seen some irrational behavior in her son before the shootings and kept her guns locked up. Gun owners should lock their guns and keep their keys in a safe place, such as on their person, at all times.

If your front door and bedroom doors have deadbolts and someone is trying to kick in your front door, go into your bedroom, lock your bedroom door and you have plenty of time to unlock your gun and wait to see if someone tries to kick in your bedroom door. While waiting with a gun in your hand, call 911. A few minutes later, your spouse could call your neighbor across the street and ask them to peek out and see if there is an unfamiliar vehicle in front and take note of the make, model and color. Then ask your neighbor to call the police. Tell your neighbor not to call you.

Some legislators believe gun owners should have insurance. Instead, we should require legislators to have insurance so that when they pass a bad law that needlessly costs people money and-or jobs, the people could be partially compensated.



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