If business leaves, impact widespread

02/18/2013 6:31 PM

02/18/2013 6:47 PM

The overzealous environmental demands are crushing the life out of businesses and taxes. Many family-owned businesses love this state because of the weather and the profits they once made from selling the products they manufactured.

However, when the economic hope fails to come to fruition, it then becomes time to make a drastic decision. If businesses want their companies to survive, they must pick up and leave the state.

People think it won't matter if dairies leave the state. It will matter because some of those who manufacture butter to consume will lose their jobs because not enough milk will be produced. It will spill over into ice cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, and the many cheeses on the market that have factory workers.

Thus paper products will not be needed and the ink to write on the packaging will reduce in quantity and some people in the trucking industry will be laid off, too. New trucks delayed and less gas consumed. Businesses are being plucked every day and no one seems to care. You will care when you have no job!

Workers and voters need to telephone, write a letter, fax, or email Sacramento politicians. Let's lower taxes.



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