Stanislaus County Jail issues not resolved

02/18/2013 6:28 PM

06/26/2013 2:32 PM

I'm compelled to comment on Mayor Garrad Marsh wanting a safety tax. Most would agree the public deserves a high level of public safety.

Under this tax increase, my understanding is that more officers and firemen would be hired. The raises they have forgone the past few years would be addressed. More police officers would certainly help.

It seems though, another problem arises. There are two parts to this puzzle. Part one: police make an arrest, bringing them to the second part of the puzzle, the jail, where sometimes they're cited and released before the officer can finish his report. Why?

Perhaps it's a jail space shortage due to Gov. Brown's AB109 law to lower the prison population, letting the counties handle the overflow.

Perhaps a lack of custodial officers to handle this overload. Layoffs and pay and benefit cutbacks have left the jail understaffed. When the county's space problems are addressed, and more custodial officers are hired, pay and benefits enhanced to attract qualified people, possibly we will see a public safety system working.

The county and the city. One cannot work without the other. We need both fixed, or continue the Band-Aid taxes.


La Grange

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