Letters to the Editor

February 14, 2013

Open gang database to the public

Regarding "Four found guilty in home invasion" (Feb. 9, Page B-1): It's time to stop senseless gang violence. It's time to arm ourselves with the knowledge we need to protect ourselves and our families from the 5,000 documented gang members that live here.

We must create a publicly accessible gang database similar to Megan's Law, a database that would provide the general public with specific information on documented gang members, such as a description, name, age, and crimes he or she has committed. Just as we have the right to know if a child predator lives in our neighborhoods, we have the right to know if domestic terrorists live there also. Documented gang members far outnumber child predators and one can effectively argue that gang members pose an even greater threat.

Cal Gangs is a statewide gang database currently for law enforcement's use only. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I would like to see part of this database opened up to the general public so we may arm ourselves with life saving information should we or someone we know become the target or a victim of a documented gang member.



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