Letters to the Editor

January 31, 2013

Bee more balanced than big media

Many thanks to The Bee for covering Saturday's Walk for Life in San Francisco, in which more than 500 Modestans participated. Local papers are generally much more balanced than the big-city papers.

Since I moved to Southern California, I've been reading the Los Angeles Times, and I must say I do miss The Bee! The mainstream media, for example, insists it has no liberal bias. Why is it, then, that big media describes abortion supporters as they describe themselves ("pro-choice") but does not do the same for opponents of abortion? Why don't we ever see the adjective "pro-life" in the big papers?

If mainstream editorial policies were balanced, they would simply refer to both sides by the names they themselves use, rather than granting one that courtesy while denying the other. Kudos to The Bee for more balanced reporting!


Santa Paula

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