Guns for everyone — even kids

01/27/2013 6:47 PM

01/27/2013 6:48 PM

The National Rifle Association recently announced its plan to prevent school shootings by recommending that schools have armed guards. The NRA leadership claims to support Second Amendment rights, though it receives millions of dollars from the gun manufacturers that ensure that NRA policies will help sell more guns and increase industry profits.

Consistent with its mission to support the gun industry, the new NRA recommendations don't go far enough. To really ensure school safety, the NRA should require arming of all students, thus increasing gun sales even more. Kindergarten students could carry cute little guns in shades of pink and blue. Elementary students would be armed with guns featuring favorite TV cartoon characters. Middle and high school students would carry guns with fashionable designs representing popular music, film and TV stars.

College students would have options depending on their majors, like the fully automatic Biology Blaster or the rapid-fire English Eliminator. "Open" or "concealed carry" would be decided locally. Possibilities for creative gun designs are endless and the gun industry front group, the NRA, would reap many financial benefits. The funeral industry would also benefit.

Support the NRA by putting this creative school safety plan in place.



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