Obama's benevolent policies are acts of war?

01/26/2013 6:07 PM

01/26/2013 6:10 PM

Regarding "Obama has declared war on America" (Jan. 15, Letters): I usually just chuckle at letters weighed completely on the opinionated side, with no real factual substance. After all, it is the Opinion page. Rants and rages are as much opinions as those based in fact.

However, I am grieved that the writer feels that the promotion of policies that provide health care for all Americans, eliminate penalties for pre-existing conditions and expand family member coverages would somehow indicate that President Barack Obama is seeking "revenge."

Perhaps his more benevolent policy to children of immigrants who were brought to or born in the United States in some way shows he has "declared war on America."

Maybe trying to bring home our troops from two wars "violates the Constitution." Lest we forget, these wars were started by the previous administration with no means to pay for them, other than to increase the national debt. What about advocating for extending unemployment benefits for those less fortunate who are caught up in a severe recession that started months before Obama took office. Does this show "no concern"?



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