Letters to the Editor

January 18, 2013

Take responsibility for fall at Gallo Center

I'm really disgusted by the lawsuit brought against the Gallo Center by Mary Brunn for her fall in October 2009.

When are people going to take responsibility for their own actions? Why wasn't she walking on the side of the stairs that had the handrail if she was unsteady on her feet?

According to the article in The Bee, there have been 65 falls since 2007, out of 850,000 people who have attended events at the Center. She is the only one to file a lawsuit. Why?

The Gallo Center is a jewel for the entire community. It was built according to strict codes and obviously met them; otherwise, it wouldn't have been allowed to open.

If the stairs were difficult for her to negotiate on her own, then perhaps she should've asked her husband or an usher to accompany her while she used them. But suing the center? Ridiculous.



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