Drugs are OK in Modesto, but not dogs?

01/12/2013 6:31 PM

01/12/2013 6:33 PM

I've been a lifelong resident of Modesto. I've seen its ups and downs. My family and I recently moved into a newer home in what we believe is a prime location. We moved due to the drug sales and activity at a home in our previous neighborhood that had gone on for nearly eight years.

After hundreds of phone calls and complaints to the Modesto Police Department, to myself and my previous neighbors' dismay, no action was taken and the drug sales continue to this day, which made my decision to move quite easy.

To my surprise, last weekend I received a letter from the Modesto Police Department that states that one of my new neighbors has complained about my dogs barking and they have opened a case so the issue can get resolved.

I find it to be quite pathetic that an entire neighborhood can complain about drug dealers for years to the police, with no resolution, yet my family dogs can cause so much ruckus in the three weeks I have lived in my new home that they took action so quickly. Drug dealers or barking dogs? What has this world come to — seriously?



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