Guns also save lives

01/10/2013 6:55 PM

01/10/2013 6:56 PM

In response to "Veteran ponders assault rifles" (Jan. 7, Letters): With all due respect for your military service, I, too, have seen what 5.56 rounds can do to a human body. I have also seen what a hammer, golf-club, knitting needle, monkey wrench, roofing axe and gasoline can do, and no amount of laws will prevent the evil we sometimes see in this world.

Every so often, we hear of a law enforcement officer being arrested for murder, such as San Jose police officer Chris Shimek or Sgt. Drew Petersen of Chicago or the CHP's Craig Peyer, who murdered a 20-year-old girl during a traffic stop. You can't get a more thorough background investigation than that required for law enforcement, yet victims are dead.

Let's use common sense. Look at the FBI stats about violent crime before you write a new law. If you are determined to write a new law, make it so victims have the right to protect themselves instead of banning an inanimate object that doesn't pull its own trigger. Stop listening to the biased media. They seldom mention when guns save lives.

DANIEL CRON, retired deputy sheriff


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