Veteran ponders assault rifles, common-sense laws

01/06/2013 6:12 PM

01/06/2013 6:14 PM

I'm not surprised that the National Rifle Association is defending the Second Amendment after another mass shooting. But surely this would be an opportunity for them to agree to common-sense laws.

At first, the NRA wanted to look at everything, yet when asked about closing loopholes, banning assault rifles and magazine clips larger than 10 rounds, they dismissed it. They steered toward mental health and violent entertainment, in other words, carte blanche on guns.

As a combat vet who's fired and witnessed what 5.56 mm rounds from an M-16 can do to a body, I'm amazed that similar weapons are allowed in a civilized society. It's no coincidence that it's been the firearm of our military since the '60s; it's a tool of war and created to kill human beings, not for target shooting or hunting.

Not the same weapon? On the contrary, it's the same round, practically the same mechanism and design.

Revoltingly, there's been a spike in gun purchases and conspiracy talk of the government taking guns away, instead of focusing on the 20 precious children and six brave women that were ripped from their families.

I hope we wake up, and that they didn't die in vain.



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