Letters to the Editor

December 31, 2012

GOP playing chicken with economy

In year five of the recession we now have plenty of evidence that austerity does not grow the economy, that growing the economy is what is really needed, yet again we see the Republicans threatening to crash the economy. For what? A small-business person, having made a profit, reinvested for equipment (better tax breaks than ever), created all the jobs demand can bear (better tax breaks than ever), then paid themselves $250,001 would pay the same taxes as 2012, and only 5 percent higher tax on the $1 they made above the quarter million. So what are the Republicans doing? Playing chicken with our economy.

Jeff Denham voted with the fanatics in 2011 on the debt ceiling, which sidelined the economy, will he do it again in 2013? His position is that the biggest threat to our economy is the national debt (not demand). Will Denham vote the way you want or will he continue to side with the fanatics that are willing to kill our economy just so they can continue to get political contributions from those making a million per year ($2,740 per day)? Tell Denham how you feel he should vote.



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