Letters to the Editor

December 13, 2012

Blame Hostess CEOs, not unions

In response to the Dec. 10 letter blaming unions for the demise of the Hostess Baking Co.: How about putting the blame where it really belongs, at the feet of the CEOs who ran the company into the ground by not properly investing in plant upgrades to make the company more productive and taking profits to pay inflated costs of executives and investors, a la Bain Capital?

Why do some people always blame workers for a company's decline? And why is it wrong for workers to strive for higher wages and benefits?

In a broader sense, this is what is happening to the entire U.S. economy right now, where many companies find it more profitable to move plants overseas, using cheap foreign labor and paying lower taxes, and many domestic businesses that automate jobs right out of existence.

How many of us have had to endure the frustrating experience of using the automated phone systems of many companies, instead of talking to a real person? No wonder there are so few jobs available right now.

If the economy is ever going to improve, we need to put people back to work by discouraging the outsourcing and automation of jobs — and perhaps have a better attitude toward labor.



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