Wealthy politicians can't relate to us

12/11/2012 7:37 PM

12/11/2012 7:39 PM

Just who do the federal and state lawmakers represent? I paid into Social Security for 52 years and retired to spend my retirement taking care of my mom. As the federal government felt punishing greedy banks and Wall Street would hurt the country, they gave them more money, while the people lost their jobs and homes.

We still have over 1.8 million Californians out of work. Most who work have taken large cuts in pay. And some representatives want to stop the cost-of-living raises for Social Security. What do you expect when we only elect millionaires to serve us?

All others live in poverty! We have become the poor and working poor of America. It is real hard to see the problem while stuffing your face with steak and lobster, while we eat at soup kitchens and ask the food centers for handouts.

The Democrats and Republicans can't see the real problems unless they get something for themselves; you know, payback for all the big money contributions. Where does this leave us? Up to our necks in that smelly stuff at the sewer plant.



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