Letters to the Editor

December 10, 2012

Will the California supermajority do our will?

First, the state budget should be passed on time.

Second, we will see if the budget passed is balanced, meaning total government spending equals the total government revenues. This could be done a number of ways, many of which our elected officials have a hard time agreeing on. No matter what decisions are made, we will see if they will actually lower the unemployment rate here in California and bring back businesses and prosperity to many Californians, or if more businesses continue to leave the state and the unemployment rate continues to remain higher than wanted.

All the political power and tough decisions are now placed squarely in the elected party's hands, so let's hope for the sake of all Californians that the will of the people translates into real economic results for all Californians, not only in the short term, but for many years to come.



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